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Skyhill Orbit Weightlifting Belt Camo

Skyhill Orbit Weightlifting Belt Camo

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The Skyhill Orbit Weightlifting Belt provides stability and comfort, and is essential to protect the spine and lower back in exercises that involve lifting.

With new materials and an uniform width, the Orbit belt is allowed in main competitions and is available in white and camo colors.


Why use this product?
- The Skyhill Orbit belt provides abdominal pressure, essential for stability to the trunk, and increases performance in standing exercises.
- It keeps the spine stable, protects the lower back and reduces the risk of injury.


SIZES / Waist Circumference:

S: 24.5 to 29 in
M: 29 to 34 in
L: 34 to 38.5 in
XL: 38.5 to 43.5 in


Product differentials:
- Width allowed in competitions.
- New roller buckle that reduces stress on the materials and extends the life of the product.

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