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The brand has motivation in its DNA, inspiring people to overcome their limits and to achieve their best performance.

Made with high premium quality , the products are manufactured in our own facilities, with a team that values the quality of each piece. They present resistance, durability, modern design that combines aesthetics and functionality. We strongly believe in collaboration, there are always top athletes helping in development and also testing of products.


With more than twenty years of tradition in the manufacture of sporting goods, the mission is to provide consumers with the security of being protected to beat their goals and exceed their limits.

"This is my 1rst time trying grips from Skyhill and they far exceed the other ones that I've tried in the past. I just used them twice this week and there was no issues with them from once i jumped up to the bar to do pull-ups and toes to bar until i finally let go. I highly recommend this grips."

Chistopher S

"I spend months looking for a grip, i bought 5 and none even famous brands worked for me. My nutritionist and some crossfit athletes in Brazil posted on instagram and i finally bought it from Florida. All my friends at Crossfit here in DallasTX couldn't believe how awesome the grips are! These Grips are the world! Best Purchase ever!"

Daniela Paullus

"My brother got me these for Christmas, first day back at the gym hit a new PR on my toes to bar. Would highly recommend!"

Ashley S.

The Best Grip ever

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306 S Railroad Street Unit C, Bunnell FL 32110

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