Years of evolution have brought us here:

Meet the new Legacy Grip Skyhill!


Since the launch of its first Hand Grip, Skyhill has become a reference in accessories for the practice of CrossFit activity. The new Legacy is an evolution of the latest Skyhill Grips, using all the best in technology and going further, a new product that came to maintain the brand's legacy as a manufacturer of the best grips on the market. Made with the same adherent material as the already established Competition, its new diamond-shaped seams were developed based on the forces exerted in the most severe bar and ring exercises, taking into account the angle of these forces and the places of greatest friction. The result is a new shape, with an angle adjustment, a larger contact area on the bar and many more stitches. All of these factors contribute to a resistance never achieved in Skyhill grips. Ideal for pull up, chest to bar, toes to bar or muscle up bar, it facilitates the execution of movements and helps you to go beyond the limits. It has an extra soft neoprene cuff, now with more left over on the underside of the buckle, to prevent it from coming into contact with the skin. Produced with the highest technology in electronic machines that leave the finish and quality far superior to competing products. It can be used in the biggest CrossFit competitions in the country like the TCB. Available with seams in orange, yellow, pink and in the discreet all black version. Buying this product you will receive a pair (left and right hand). Why use this product: The Legacy Skyhill grip provides a much firmer grip on the bar, improving your performance and saving energy so that you can do more repetitions of your workout exercises (pull-up and other exercises). In addition, it protects the palm of the hand and fingers, preventing the formation of calluses and blisters in bodybuilding activities, functional training and WODs. Product differentials: New single-layer shape with greater contact area with the bar; More stitching in a new shape that makes the grip even more resistant; Thick and extra soft neoprene on the part that is in contact with the wrist with an extra area on the buckle part; Ultra resistant welded carbon steel buckle, approved in tensile tests; Exclusive application on the inside of the grip for you to write your name and leave it identified; Production technology in electronic machines leaves the quality and finish much superior to the competing products.

Legacy Grips

Seams Color
  • We Highly Recommend Medium size for Woman and Large For men, the Wrsit wrap should be comfortable in your wrist, the leight on the Tarpe should be the longer the better.

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