The Competition Hand Grip is considered one of the best in the Crossfit World, providing a much firmer grip, improving your performance and saving energy so that you can do more high-rep pull-ups and other movements in your workouts.

Developed based on the original Hand Grip Power, that became a huge sales hit, the Hand Grip Competition offers the same finest materials, lie the ultra resistant tarp and extra soft neoprene, while adding a new refined shape and other features besides being approved for competition use.

New Shape with 3D modeling and approved for competition use (no foam overhang at the end).
New ultra resistant welded metal buckle approved in traction performance test.
Exclusive internal application with a blank field to personalize and identify your grips.
Production technology in electronic machines leaves the quality and finish much superior to other products.

Used by the world's best athletes and fitness celebrities, it provides a stronger grip while offering protection to the palm avoiding calluses and blisters formation during bar training (pull-ups and other exercises) when performing bodybuilding activities, functional training and crossfit.

Developed with advisory of Rafael Kilipper, a recognized Brazilian gymnast with a broad Crossfit curriculum that teaches gymnastics applied to Crossfit courses throughout Brazil and other countries.

*High Resistance weave with external PVC finish
* Adjustable velcro wristband and internal 5mm neoprene finish

Competition Grip